Amplifying Waste Pickers and Slum Voices at global levels

Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) joined hundreds of water and sanitation practitioners from across the globe at the All Systems Connect 2023 (ASC2023) Symposium held at The Hague. The symposium focused on water and sanitation through the systems approach.

MIHR was part of the Social Justice Cluster and the MIHR Director Mr Khumbulani Maphosa was in the panel for 4 sessions where he presented on the work being done by Bulawayo waste pickers and also spotlighted the challenges faced by slum dwellers in accessing water and sanitation services.

The MIHR supporting partner, End Water Poverty (EWP) released the Hearing the Unheard documentary that captures the voices of slum dwellers and people staying in precarious conditions around the world, speaking on water and sanitation matters. The documentary also features MIHR members of the slum action campaign.

The ASC2023 presented a perfect opportunity for MIHR to amplify the voices of marginalized and underrepresented citizens of Zimbabwe on water and sanitation rights. Through the symposium, MIHR established contacts for solidarity with like-minded organizations from South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Bangladesh, Netherlands, USA, among other areas.

MIHR is committed to ensuring the voice and agency of underrepresented communities and the organization currently runs 3 major projects: the Voices for Water; the Waste Pickers project; and the environmental justice initiative.  MIHR’s model of human rights advancement is based on the RAIL Approach (Rights, Accountability and Integrated Livelihoods Approach).

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Welcome fellow citizens of the world! In this blog I will be writing about water issues and sharing insights on what is happening in various communities and how best we ordinary people can claim their water rights. I will also share what other citizens in Zimbabwe are doing to claim water rights.

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